At SKC we are dedicated to your unique feminine journey.


"When we reclaim our bodies, we reclaim our stories and our truth."

- Sheila Kelley, S Factor Creator


Kelsey O'Neill

- owner & operator of SKC

Kelsey has dedicated the last 4 years of her life to exploring and diving deep into the feminine being.

Starting in her student journey, she has cultivated a life of living full out in her feminine. Taking this movement practice into her daily routine has developed a new way of life for Kelsey. While practicing S Factor as a student she was quickly called to explore more...

Teaching S Factor was the next path to take in her S Factor journey. Knowing that the Midwestern woman yearned for more, just as Kelsey did, she attended Tier 1 Teacher Training in October 2016. And hit the ground running...bringing this feminine movement practice into the heart of the Midwest, Kansas City.

As of November 2018, Kelsey has completed her Teacher Training and is a Certified Licensed Instructor for S Factor.

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