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SKC Classes

“Each class is more eye opening than the last.”

“Holy CRAP. I can’t believe how much like therapy this is. Yes my abs are burning but I feel so at home in my body it’s almost criminal.”

"I love the positive impact and positivity that everyone that participates leaves with!!”

Escape into the Feminine - Women’s Retreat

“I seriously cannot believe this was the first one (retreat) you put together. I've brought back with me content from both the movement classes & the discussions (and even just chit-chat with the ladies) to use in my daily life.”



Exploring the edges - Women’s Retreat

“I don't want to ever miss one of these retreats. It is soul-feeding. Learning that strength and femininity aren't at separate ends of the spectrum, but are instead completely intertwined and feed off each other has been freeing. The passion Kelsey and Jenn have for holding space for women to be women is evident in every single detail of the weekend. Good things happen here. I am grateful to be a part of it.”

“No matter what stage you are on in your spiritual journey, you will come away from this retreat with a renewed sense of purpose and serenity. Plus, it's fun!”

“After attending Exploring The Edges my confidence was restored as a powerful woman. It was such a positive impact on me. The energy felt from the other woman was powerful. I absolutely recommend this retreat.”