Introduction to S Factor  

1 Hour - All Levels - No Pole

Dance your way through an intuitive flow of body-challenging sequences exclusive to S Factor. What if you could move and sweat to a workout designed specifically for the female body?

Welcome to Fluid Feminine Movement!

Strengthen and nurture the feminine form - no pole needed - in the class women rave about for weeks!

S Factor Journey Class

1.5 Hour - All Levels

Intelligently designed to guide women through all signature S Factor movements, languages and personal awakenings.

Our signature S Factor class starts with Levels 1 & 2 (open to beginners) and advances toward Level 5+. Dive deep into your feminine body during our most popular class series, which begins with the S Factor Workout and moves through pole work, floor work, and concludes with the S Routine or free dance. From beginning to end, this experience is an intuitive evolution of your unique identity. Ask any S woman – you’ll find that this journey is indeed, endless.

Pole Optional.

Every woman has an innate essence that must be nourished, honored and expressed so that she may be truly free in her magical feminine body.
— Sheila Kelley, S Factor Creator